Stacey Manuel

I don’t know if it’s my 4th or 5th transaction with Californila(all either via Sea cargo or Air but all Ship to Home) and it hasn’t let me down yet.
For all you guys who are having second thoughts, look no further, this is the real deal, 100% legit ‘personal shopper’, fortunately because otherwise I would have lost ~P40k worth of transactions since my very first with them.
Their service has saved me a lot of headaches and heartaches from dealing with US shopping(definitely more stress-free than my recent purchase and subsequent shipping of a case for my iPad Pro from Zagg), seriously sometimes you just do NOT want to deal with customs/sellers yourself;
I just wish they expand to other countries though like Japan and UK because I have a couple of collectibles I want to buy *wink wink*.
Anyway, my recent purchases (Wiz-Jasmine bookstand and a book from Amazon) was managed by ‘Angelie’ and as usual there were frequent updates which were appreciated. Items came in pristine condition so no complaints there.
I will DEFINITELEY be using their service again, soon actually, until next time 😛