• Animal Crossing Springtime 550pc Puzzle - Exclusive

Animal Crossing Springtime 550pc Puzzle - Exclusive



Animal Crossing is the greatest example of "living the dream" that ever existed: you own your own home, your mortgage lender is super chill about repayment, you don't appear to have an actual job (though sometimes you're thrust into being the mayor of a town you just moved to, but that's no biggie), sometimes you literally find bags of money in trees, and everyone wants to be your friend. Of course, you can only have all this if you can handle the stress of daily town maintenance and COLLECTING ALL THE THINGS, so we guess even the world of Animal Crossing has its tradeoffs.

Relax, take a break from pulling up weeds and playing the Stalk Market, and put together this premium Animal Crossing puzzle. Featuring a cheery springtime theme with the Villagers and a few of their animal pals, it's the perfect escape-from-the-escape to take your mind off all your Animal Crossing obligations. Not that Tom Nook is going to come after your kneecaps or anything... yet. Are you sure you don't want another house upgrade?

Product Specifications 
  • Animal Crossing Springtime 550pc Puzzle - Exclusive
  • Officially-licensed Animal Crossing merchandise 
  • A ThinkGeek & GameStop exclusive 
  • 550 piece jigsaw puzzle featuring a springtime Animal Crossing theme
  • Finished size: 18" by 24"