• Brookstone Keychain Projector
  • Brookstone Keychain Projector
  • Brookstone Keychain Projector

Brookstone Keychain Projector



Description & Guides

Take your videos anywhere.
  • Super compact, fits in your pocket; even doubles as a flashlight
  • Recharges via Micro USB (cable included)
  • Best in low-light conditions
  • 4:3 aspect ratio; manual focus; built-in speaker
  • Connect your device via Micro HDMI® compatible port (cable included)
  • AUX Out port for connecting speakers
  • IMPORTANT: Apple® devices require an Apple Digital AV adapter (sold separately)

Take videos off your mobile device’s small screen and project them onto the big screen.
Take downloaded movies, your favorite shows, or just that YouTube video that deserves a bigger screen than your smartphone affords off the small screen and project it to share with a friend or for a better viewing experience. With our Keychain Projector’s super-compact design, you can carry this portable projector with you everywhere you go. Rechargeable via an included Micro USB cable, our Keychain Projector features a 4:3 aspect ratio, manual focus, and a built-in speaker to deliver an excellent viewing experience that works best when used in low-light conditions. And speaking of low light, our Keychain Projector also doubles as a flashlight for searching in your purse or trying to unlock your car or front door at night.